Corporate Art Competitions

In the early 80s, corporate art competitions among local companies were unheard of, although banks like UOB had already started to build art collections.  SIA took the lead when in 1981; they approached the Ministry for assistance in organizing their first and one-off contemporary … Continue reading Corporate Art Competitions

Singapore International Jazz Festival (1982 to 1984)

After my stint in the People’s Association, I was posted to the Ministry of Culture in April 1981, as Assistant Director / Music & Visual Arts).  In my second year on the job, in early 1982, our Permanent Secretary Mr Cheng Tong Fatt, popped us a surprising challenge – to organise an international jazz festival! Between Organiser (Music) Lim Mee Lian and myself, our hands were already quite full with festivals galore.  In addition to organizing annual festivals of Choirs, Chinese Instrumental Music, the National Music Competition, opera workshops and ASEAN Youth Orchestra concerts. we had our parts to play in the … Continue reading Singapore International Jazz Festival (1982 to 1984)